We Are Almost There


Posted by Jennifer | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 15-02-2007

After 32 weeks of pregnancy we are in the home stretch – Literally (Thanks to my parents for the stretch mark genes).? We are getting excited for the arrival of our new baby.? The room is almost empty and painted and finally we have decided on a bedding set.? Now we just have to order it and make sure that everything goes together when it gets here.? With only 8 weeks left we are hoping they will be uneventful and comfortable.? Sleeping at night has started to become uncomfortable as is standing and sitting for long periods.? I had my 32 week appointment yesterday and things are still on track.? We have an ultrasound again in 3 weeks to double check some measurements.? Other than that we are all happy and healthy.? Here are two pictures.? One of my belly at 3 months and one at 7 months.? Yikes – it got big.

Belly at 3 Months

Belly at 3 Months

Belly at 7 Months

Belly at 7 months

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Congratulations you guys! Way to go on the home stretch!

Oh my gosh…my little baby nephew is going to be a beast. I can’t wait for HIM to come out. He is going to be the best. I also can’t wait to live near you guys for the last 3 weeks of your pregnancy.

I can’t wait to have a little baby step-neice or nephew! See you next weekend!

This is just the start of your “stretching.” Just as your heart stretched to include your mighty love for Tyler and Samantha, it will continue to stretch to include this precious child God has blessed you with! Looking forward to seeing you next Saturday and to stretch my arms for a big hug.

Love, always,
Nanette (and John, Brian, Douglas, Snickers & Maggie)