Finley is 4 Months Old


Posted by Jennifer | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 22-08-2007

We can’t believe how fast Finley is growing and changing.? He is talking, rolling over, smiling and laughing all the time.? He turned 4 months old on Sunday.? We took him for his first camping trip this past weekend (well Finley and Mommy stayed with Grandma in her cottage) and he had a great time.? Today he went for his check up and he is 26 inches long, weighs 14 lbs 3 oz and is doing great – well except for the fact that he is grumpy from his 4 shots.

Other than that we are just getting ready for school to be in session again!? Luckily Jennifer is going to go back part time.? Yippee!!!

Finley Putting his Toes in his Mouth

Finley eating His Toes

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You know, Finley is getting so cute!! He’s starting to look like a kid now!