End of Summer


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Well summer is coming to an end – Samantha and Jen are back to school, the nights are getting darker sooner and the weather is changing. We spent a lot of our time at the pool this summer. Most recently we ended our summer with a wedding. Jennifer’s step-sister Katie got married on September 8th at Fort Warden. It was a weekend event with lots of family and friends. We had a great time.

Samantha started 5th grade this year – wow how time flies. She seems to be enjoying it so far. If you ask her how it is she’ll say, “fine”. Not much for giving details.

Finley will be 5 months old on Wednesday. We can’t believe that either. He is talking alot, teething and trying to crawl. So far he has only mastered the rolling around the living room and can get up on his arms and try to move or on his legs, but he hasn’t put the two together yet.

Tyler is enjoying his new job. He has taught some interesting classes, All about Bacon and a really cool quick breads class. Tonight is off teaching a class with ingredients from places within 250 miles of here.

Jen is back to work. Only part time this year, but seems to be doing lots of work. Hopefully in a few weeks things will slow down.

Finley and Samantha

Finley and Samantha at Katie and Nick’s Wedding

Finley and Uncle Kevin

Uncle Kevin and Finley

Grandma and Finley

Grandma and Finley

Finley Enjoying the Wedding Dinner

Finley Enjoying the Wedding Dinner

Finley is his Saucer

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Man…I love our family.