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December 2007

Dear Family and Friends-

This year has been exciting for me. I finally switched residences after 24 hours of traveling on April 19, 2007. My mommy, daddy and family (aka “paparazzi” – I didn’t know I had so many fans ) were ready to welcome me. After long conversations with everyone including the nurses at the hospital and many bad options my parents finally decided that I should be called Finley Cole. This being my eighth month in this family I have figured out how to create a little mischief; mommy and daddy say I am a handful, but I prefer the term genius. My most recent accomplishment has been getting 4 teeth (two on top and two on bottom-ouch that hurt). In addition to my teeth I have figured out how to crawl, pull myself up, eat solid foods, play with my toys and say a few things like mama, dada and bye bye. I like to use the computer, but mommy tells me “no,no” because once by accident I ripped the space bar key off of her laptop – it was an accident, but she still doesn’t let me use the computer. Not to brag, but I think I am ahead of the curve. I guess I can’t make this letter all about me so I will tell you a little bit about how Mommy, Daddy and Sissy are doing too.

Sissy (Samantha) has been busy at school. This year she is in 5th grade and turned 11 years old. I can’t believe my sister is 11, I am not even 11 months yet. This spring Samantha was on her school’s softball team. I went to a few games, but slept through most of them. It apparently is a fun game, but I’ll just wait to try it until I can catch and run. Daddy and Uncle Seany were Samantha’s coaches. They did really well for their first year of playing together. For her 11th birthday in September she received a guitar. She seems to really enjoy music as she plays the guitar, the violin in the school orchestra and is also taking Hip Hop dance. This year she decided to join a local theatre group and is staring as a Who in “Seussical the Musical Jr.” the first weekend of January. This summer Sissy was on the dive team at the local pool and did a great job. She spent most of the summer at the pool which was fun for me, except when it was too hot. Mommy and Daddy took me swimming a few times, but I got cold real fast.

Mommy (Jennifer) has also been busy at school. She is still the Math Intervention Specialist at her school (which is a fancy word for “helping kids who need extra help with math”), but this year she is working only part time in the mornings so she can spend the afternoons with me after Daddy goes to work. Not only has mommy been taking care of me and working she also was one of the volunteers of the year at Sissy’s school and she received a grant from the State of Washington to get her Math Endorsement. Mommy says that I have been her best form of exercise since she is always chasing me around the house.

Daddy (Tyler) is busy with work. Right after I was born (the next day) Daddy helped to open a new restaurant on Queen Anne in Seattle called Opal. He was one of two chefs who were there. He was working long hours and didn’t get to see Sissy or myself when we were awake, so he took a break. A few months later the other chef left and they asked Daddy to come back and be the Executive Chef. He really likes it and according to Mommy and Daddy they are getting excellent reviews since he came back. You can look at his website at www.opalseattle.com.

Our family has been busy just keeping up with me. I really just get into things and cruise around the house so I can give them some additional exercise. My favorite is eating plants. Mommy freaks out and calls poison control, but I don’t really eat them, I just taste them, but it is funny when she comes chasing after me. Our big trips this year were to see Auntie Megan graduate from Western Washington University in June. We also went to Auntie Katie and Uncle Nick’s wedding in Port Townsend in September. Other than that I have yet to see many parts of the state. In February we are planning a trip to Seaside, Oregon and we’ll spend a week playing on the beach (well maybe looking at the beach – it might be too cold to play in February) and hopefully a trip to Alaska this summer to see my cousins.

Other than that we are happy and healthy and looking forward to another great year. If you want to see me (and mommy, daddy and sissy) you can visit our website www.theheffordandersons.com. I try to update it periodically, but with my play schedule and my limited computer use (remember the space bar) I have to squeeze it in between my naps.

I hope you had a very happy holiday season, sorry for my tardiness with this letter, but I was hoping to accomplish a bit more before I sent this out to you and I got caught up in the Christmas spirit and attempting to walk.

Happy New Year,

Finley Cole Hefford-Anderson
(Mommy, Daddy, Sissy and Sassy too)

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