Samantha’s Last Swim Meet


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Here are three videos from Samantha’s last swim meet of the season. She has done so well this year. This was her first year competitive swimming and she did a great job catching up with her peers who have been swimming 6 years more than she has. On Friday she’ll be going to the B-Champs which is just a fun swim competition. It will give her good practice and should be a lot of fun. I have to add a disclaimer about the videos. I am notorious for my sea sick causing videos. So hope these don’t make you sick. On another note. The videos are very clear on our video camera, but when I uploaded them they got a little fuzzy. The Butterfly video is kind of hard to see, it was getting dark.

Event #29 Free Style

Event #39 Backstroke

Event #59 Butterfly

Finley and his Sprinkler Ball


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We got Finley a sprinkler ball to play with in the backyard on the days that we don’t go to the pool. Here he is playing with it after he helped mommy blow it up.

Ice Cream Mohawk


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Tyler, Sam, Finley and Jen went to Duvall on Friday for a meeting that Tyler had. Jen, Sam and Fin got lunch, played at the park, went to the Duvall library and then had ice cream. About the time we had ice cream was approaching Finley’s nap so he was a little bit grumpy. He had a rainbow sherbet cone and because we were pressed for time and needed to avoid being stuck in the eastside traffic we let him finish the cone in the car. Inside and outside the car he had a hard time keeping the ice cream in the cone and not all over his body. He finished it and then fell asleep in the car for his nap. When he woke up he had a VERY sticky face, body and carseat as well as an ice cream mohawk. Needless to say, he probably won’t be eating ice cream in the car again for a while. He had to take a bath before he could go around the house.

Finley after eating his cone and taking a nap.

Finley with his muscle shirt and ice cream mohawk!

The Hefford-Anderson’s Love Jones Soda


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We went to the West Seattle Street Fair last weekend where we looked at the various arts and crafts they had to offer and they were handing out free Jones Soda. We have always loved Jones Soda because it is a local Seattle company and they have really cool bottles. We stopped off at Tyler’s favorite bakery – Bakery Noveau and enjoyed croissants, cookies and tarts. Then we cracked out the Jones Soda. Finley was such a mess. Having eaten a chocolate chip cookie in the 80+ degree weather it was melting everywhere. When we took his picture he looked like such a great addition to a Jones Soda Bottle that we had to take it with the label facing forward. Then we decided Sam should do it too. Although she couldn’t stop laughing in the end we were able to get a good shot.

Broken Camera


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Sorry we haven’t been posting lately, our camera is not working. We are working on getting a new one, but not yet.

We are busy, busy with Swim Team. Samantha has decided to swim at our pool and has two meets a week. It is a big commitment for the whole family, but she seems to be enjoying it. It is her first year competitive swimming. Her peers have been swimming for 5+ years and some do year round swimming. So she has a lot to catch up, but she has been doing great. Her coaches said they are amazed she is a first year swimmer. She also is doing synchronized swimming. So we drop her off a the pool at 7:45am and pick her up at 11:30 am. It makes for a long day, but she loves it and she is SUPER tan. Wish I was.

Finley is getting bigger, being a menace and exploring. He is adventurous and excited. Talking a lot and starting to form 2-3 word phrases. He has loved our trips to the pool and really enjoys being outside as much as he can. With this hot weather we have had lately (minus last night’s rain and thunderstorms) he has been running through the sprinkler and playing in his water table.

Tyler and Jen are busy with being mom and dad. Jen is starting summer school on Monday. This will be the last part of her credits towards getting her middle school math endorsement. Then she has to take 2 tests in the fall and she’ll be certified to go. Tyler is enjoying this extra time he gets to spend with Finley and Samantha this summer. He is looking forward to a kayaking trip with Samantha – hopefully sometime in July.

Hope all of you are doing well. We’ll post pictures soon.