Broken Camera


Posted by Jennifer | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 04-07-2008

Sorry we haven’t been posting lately, our camera is not working. We are working on getting a new one, but not yet.

We are busy, busy with Swim Team. Samantha has decided to swim at our pool and has two meets a week. It is a big commitment for the whole family, but she seems to be enjoying it. It is her first year competitive swimming. Her peers have been swimming for 5+ years and some do year round swimming. So she has a lot to catch up, but she has been doing great. Her coaches said they are amazed she is a first year swimmer. She also is doing synchronized swimming. So we drop her off a the pool at 7:45am and pick her up at 11:30 am. It makes for a long day, but she loves it and she is SUPER tan. Wish I was.

Finley is getting bigger, being a menace and exploring. He is adventurous and excited. Talking a lot and starting to form 2-3 word phrases. He has loved our trips to the pool and really enjoys being outside as much as he can. With this hot weather we have had lately (minus last night’s rain and thunderstorms) he has been running through the sprinkler and playing in his water table.

Tyler and Jen are busy with being mom and dad. Jen is starting summer school on Monday. This will be the last part of her credits towards getting her middle school math endorsement. Then she has to take 2 tests in the fall and she’ll be certified to go. Tyler is enjoying this extra time he gets to spend with Finley and Samantha this summer. He is looking forward to a kayaking trip with Samantha – hopefully sometime in July.

Hope all of you are doing well. We’ll post pictures soon.

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