Ice Cream Mohawk


Posted by Jennifer | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 20-07-2008

Tyler, Sam, Finley and Jen went to Duvall on Friday for a meeting that Tyler had. Jen, Sam and Fin got lunch, played at the park, went to the Duvall library and then had ice cream. About the time we had ice cream was approaching Finley’s nap so he was a little bit grumpy. He had a rainbow sherbet cone and because we were pressed for time and needed to avoid being stuck in the eastside traffic we let him finish the cone in the car. Inside and outside the car he had a hard time keeping the ice cream in the cone and not all over his body. He finished it and then fell asleep in the car for his nap. When he woke up he had a VERY sticky face, body and carseat as well as an ice cream mohawk. Needless to say, he probably won’t be eating ice cream in the car again for a while. He had to take a bath before he could go around the house.

Finley after eating his cone and taking a nap.

Finley with his muscle shirt and ice cream mohawk!

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Pretty funny! He is getting so big. I can’t believe it! Really wish I could have seen the lot of you when we were home.