Samantha’s Last Swim Meet


Posted by Jennifer | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 23-07-2008

Here are three videos from Samantha’s last swim meet of the season. She has done so well this year. This was her first year competitive swimming and she did a great job catching up with her peers who have been swimming 6 years more than she has. On Friday she’ll be going to the B-Champs which is just a fun swim competition. It will give her good practice and should be a lot of fun. I have to add a disclaimer about the videos. I am notorious for my sea sick causing videos. So hope these don’t make you sick. On another note. The videos are very clear on our video camera, but when I uploaded them they got a little fuzzy. The Butterfly video is kind of hard to see, it was getting dark.

Event #29 Free Style

Event #39 Backstroke

Event #59 Butterfly

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I just pulled the original files to look at them to see if our processing was to blame and it looks like the camera is taking them at an extremely low quality so the versions here are stretched to a bigger size.