Samantha’s Math Olympiad Trip


Posted by Jennifer | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 12-05-2009

Two weeks ago Samantha was one of 35 students from her school’s math team to participate in the 2009 Washington State Math Olympiad. It was a fun trip to Port Angeles, with a stop in the new Twilight store (Samantha enjoyed that).

At the Math Olympiad Samantha’s team was the only team from her school to get a perfect score on the Algebra portion of the test! YIPPEE! She did very well on all other portions of the test.

We are also very excited that Samantha has been accepted into all honors classes next year for 7th grade. She has worked hard this year and we are looking forward to the challenges of honors.

Marvista Math Olympiad

Marvista Math Olympiad

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