No Baby Yet


Posted by Jennifer | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 16-06-2009

We are still waiting on the arrival of the newest Hefford-Anderson. Last night we walked all over Ikea hoping to induce labor and had tacos. This one is a stubborn one just like it’s siblings. :)

A lot of the guesses have been wrong. Anyone care to guess again?

In the running still:
Amanda – This afternoon
Auntie Pam – 6/18 PM
Dionne – 6/19
Tanya – 6/21 Father’s Day

We hope the baby arrives soon and we’ll post pictures as soon as we have a new baby to take pictures of. For now we are enjoying the time we have before the baby’s arrival, but looking forward to meeting our new addition.

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Is it too late to guess? I’ll take Saturday the 20th! Thinking of you guys…

I’m going to re-vote for June 29th at 1:30PM. Also, I think you guys should get a new blog theme.

If the baby doesn’t come on its own I will be induced on Monday, June 29th.

June 29th is okay not ideal but okay. It is a holiday for us on the 1st so I could always come down a couple days later. I would still prefer a Friday or some time on the weekend. That works better for me :)