Windy and Rainy, but Fun Visit Downtown


Posted by Jennifer | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 03-01-2010

We headed downtown with our friends Dawn and Kendra to see the Teddy Bear Suite at the Fairmount Olympic Hotel. We started out by Westlake and the weather was chilly, but clear. By the time we had walked a block we were walking into a torrential downpour with wind blowing, we were drenched. We ducked into a Seattle’s Best and had some coffee and the rain slowed down. By this time Finley and Kendra are upset about the cold rain, Declan’s blanket has blown off of his stroller a few times and I chased it down the street and we are still soaking wet from head to toe. We decided we would still trek to the hotel and see the suite. It was windy, but not raining and we headed out. It was a fun adventure, but a wet and windy one.

The Boys drenched

Happy on the Carousel Ride

With Santa at the Fairmount Hotel.  He wasn't too sure about him.

Teddy Bear Suite

With a Giant Teddy Bear

Jumping on the Bears again

Declan with a bear

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