February 2010


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Fun Times at Preschool

Sunny February Day Playing Outside

A Cute Self Portrait
Auntie Kimmy would be proud

Our Heart Shape Cake

Declan LOVES Spaghetti

Finley took one of the last pictures of Sassy. He adored her and followed her everywhere. She was very patient with him. She died at the end of February. He has gotten over the fact that she has died and has now asked for a new dog. If mommy has her way it will be a LONG time.

Declan Swinging for the First Time
Hat by Auntie Pauli

Declan Learns to Drive

Declan Loves Bath Time

Finley making Broccoli “Soup” with Nama

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The broccoli soup was hilarious, especially when we got Megan to eat it without realizing what he has been putting on the broccoli.