March 2010


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A cute video

Finley’s Swim Lessons

Finley started his first session of swim lessons at the YMCA.  He started out not liking it very much and having a hard time following directions, but now enjoys the class.  Too bad our last class is on Saturday.

Not interested in following directions

Waiting his turn

A video

St. Patrick’s Day

We had some friends over for a playdate and made rainbow cupcakes.  They turned out really cute.

Dinner Out

WE took the boys to Jimmy Mac’s Roadhouse. Finley loved throwing the peanut shells on the floor.

Finley is ready to eat!

A Trip to the Zoo

The boys and I took a last minute trip to the zoo on a fabulous March Day.  Finley was our tour guide.  He also helped Declan experience his first ice cream cone – Blue Goo.

A video

Finley Helps Feed Declan

Another Video

Easter Egg Hunt

We met up with some of our friends at a park in our neighborhood and had an Easter Egg Hunt.  Each family brought  eggs and we hid them for the kids to find.  It was so much fun and way more laid back than the community center hunts.

Finley’s finds

Declan enjoying the hunt from the stroller.  Next year he can participate.

Messy Finley

Our nephew Elijah has called Finley “Messy Finley” on occassion because he loves to get dirty.  One morning Finley woke up before us, got into the freezer and took out his leftover frosty.  I set Declan down quickly and when I came back Finley had taken the frosty out from hiding and was feeding Declan.

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