Valley Medical Center 5K


Posted by Jennifer | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 20-04-2010

Ever since I had Declan I have been working SLOWLY towards running a 5K.  So far I haven’t run one, but I did walk/jog one a few weeks ago.  It was not easy as I have been practicing without a stroller and Tyler had to work so I took the boys with me.  I was proud that pushing 50lbs of stroller/boy I averaged a 17 minute mile.

The boys getting ready to go.

At the starting line.

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Keep exercising, Jennifer. It looks like you have two happy little boys glad that they can join you. You’re going to have to buy one of those strollers with bicycle tires if you plan to win ribbons in the Mom with Two Kids Aboard age group.

I notice a couple of dogs in the photo. Did the race have a category for fastest dog?

It certainly looks like it was a good day to be outside with your two sons.