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Last summer another mom told me about a program where you can get 2 free games all summer long at the local bowling alley.  So this year made sure we signed up.  My friend Coleen and I took our boys bowling.  Finley had a great time.  Last year he barely made it through 2 frames, but this time he made it through 9 before he was tired and ready to go home.  The part that he was most excited about was the shoes.  Last summer they didn’t have shoes his size and he had to play in his socks.  He LOVED wearing the shoes.  He did very well.  We’ll be going back again soon.

Getting Ready to Bowl

Explaining how it works.

Letting it go.

Declan scooting all over the alley while we bowled.  Next time I think I might have to bring something to contain him.

A video of Finley and his friend watching the process.

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