Declan’s First Tractor Ride


Posted by Jennifer | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 26-04-2010

For Finley’s 2nd birthday he got a John Deere tractor.  He drives it all over the place and LOVES it. He always wants to put Declan in the trailer on the back, but I say no because he drives so fast, stops quickly and is always running into things.  On Saturday Declan was so ticked off that he couldn’t play with his brother that I let him sit on Finley’s lap and they drove all over the yard happily.  It was so cute.

A video of Finley and Declan

Declan loving his ride

At the end of the riding – Declan was screaming because I wouldn’t let him ride anymore, but Finley declared, “this is the best day ever.”  What a sweet boy.  He loves his brother so much!

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That video is great. I can see why you had trouble getting them to stop, they are having a great time.