May 2010


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In May we were lucky enough to get some time away (just a quick weekend) to the beach. The boys had a FABULOUS time.

We started our trip with lunch at the Spaghetti Factory to celebrate Finley’s Birthday (better late than never).

Enjoying his spaghetti and meatballs.

Checking in at Long Beach. Finley had a great time riding the luggage cart.

Declan Checking out the Beach

Flying Kites

It was SUPER cold. When we usually stay at our condo and they have an outdoor pool it is warm like a bath tub. Long Beach was not. It was so cold, but the boys just had to swim.

The Giant Frying Pan in town. I remember visiting this with my grandparents as a kid.

Finley was fascinated with the fact that we could drive on the beach. We drove up and down and then stopped for a picnic where he chased the seagulls and had a great time.

Declan’s 5 o’clock shadow

We went bowling with friends this summer.

We went on a toddler camping trip with some friends. Tyler was working and I wasn’t ready to spend the night out in a tent by myself with the boys so we went down for dinner and exploring and headed home. It was so much fun. We will be better equipped and ready to take the boys camping in 2011.

Finley’s favorite part of any camping trip.

Finley ended his 2nd year at Burien Cooperative Preschool. This was his second and last year with Teacher Yon. He LOVED having her as a teacher and was quite vocal on the fact that he was going to stay with her forever. Declan will have Teacher Yon in the fall and Finley will have Teacher Gloria.

Pajama Day at Preschool in the River

We ended the month with a critter dive in Tacoma with our preschool class. It was so much fun. The mom and grandma of our good friend Brett dove down along with a few other divers and brought up critters for the kids to look at in wading pools. Finley loved it.

Finally a video of some silly brothers.

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Finley put a nice spin on the ball when bowling!