November 2010


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Carving Pumpkins
We were really busy and never got around to carving our pumpkins until the beginning of November. It was still fun.

Snow Day

Declan’s Big Boy Haircut

Declan finally had his haircut just a few weeks shy of his 18 month birthday. It was sad to see his blond curly locks go, but he is looking really cute.

Hunting for a Christmas Tree Up at Mt. Rainier
This was an interesting experience. We bought our permit and headed up. It was snowy and the roads were a little slick. We tried the first forest service road and didn’t find anything. Then on the second road we were sliding all over and I got freaked out so we came back down and headed home. The next day we headed back out to get our tree at a tree farm. We might try the forest again, but only when the boys are old enough to hike in and hike out by themselves. My camera died so I don’t have any pictures of getting our tree, but Tyler might have some on his phone. I will add them later. The boys LOVED the snow.

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