Ocean Shores – July 2010


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In July we were lucky enough to take a trip to Ocean Shores with Tyler’s parents and siblings.  It was a great getaway and lots of fun.  Thom and Barb rented a cabin on the beach and all we did was play and eat for the 3 days we were there.

Stopped at Pick Quick on our way down to the ocean for lunch. Yummy burgers and fries.

Our lunch!

Tyler and his mini me!

The boys and Jen

A BRAND NEW Baby cow

We stopped in Montesano at Estrella Creamery and they had a calf that was born that morning.  It was so cute.  Finley wanted to take it home and let it live in our garage.

The house Tyler's parents rented. Just a few blocks from the beach.

Finley jumped right in and was ready to go.

Scooter on his way to the water.

Digging and Loving It!

Off to Geocache for the First Time. Or Treasure Hunt as the boys called it.

Climbing up and down the rocks looking for the "treasure"


Finley collecting driftwood for Papa.

Finley and Daddy - Tyler got out his wet suit so he would stay warm.

Sean and Aly buried Tyler. Declan thought it was fun to scoot up to him and poke him in the face.


Elijah and Declan. Can you tell they are related?

Mad he couldn't hold the ice cream cone.

Playing his favorite arcade game (Whack a Gator)

Declan Driving

M & M Bingo

M & M Bingo

Declan enjoying the M & Ms

Finley wins big..... a beach ball!

The boys before we left.

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