First Day of School


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We have had a busy and stressful 2 weeks getting everyone off to school. Finley had a rough year last year so we were hopeful that this year would be better. So far he tells us it is “ok”. Hopefully it stays that way.




Declan is off to his 4th and final year at our beloved preschool. I truly can’t believe he is off to kindergarten next year. He has been at the preschool since he was a tiny baby just months old. He had his first day yesterday and was in HEAVEN. We made the most of a VERY hot 90 degree day at school.





Kids Day at the Fire Department


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Saturday we had the chance to attend the local fire department’s kids day. The boys had a blast. It is a wonderful event.






Where have we been???


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Well life got busy with 2 kids, school, work, etc. With Facebook I got lazy on updating our blog, but my sister has inspired me to start posting again. So what has happened it two years? Too much to write about. Here is a QUICK update.

Tyler is currently the Executive Chef at the Columbia Tower Club in Seattle.  It is long hours, but it is a prestigious position for him to be holding.

Jennifer is currently spending time at home as a stay at home mom again.  Over the last two years she has done tutoring, substitute teaching and most recently taught a multi age class at a local cooperative elementary school.  And the biggest news of our family is that we are preparing to welcome a new baby to our family in 3 1/2 weeks.  Life has been BUSY BUSY BUSY.


First Day of First Grade

Finley started first grade yesterday and while he doesn’t say he likes it he says it is ok and he’ll go.  We are hopeful that the experience he has this year is far better than the experience he had in kindergarten last year.  We had a very rough year and we have had to regroup over summer to make it a better start to the year.  Fingers crossed.


Declan and his newest love, Skylanders.

Declan has been busy being 4 (although if you ask him he is 5 because he had a birthday on our vacation to California and one at home).  He is very excited to start his last year of preschool next week.  He keeps us busy and is a very funny boy.  

We hope to keep you more updated about our family and our adventures.