Welcome Saviah Rebecca


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All of our babies have arrived on time so I figured this new addition would be here just about the 1st of October as expected, Uncle Sean’s birthday. Nama wanted baby to arrive on 9/29 for her birthday, but I had a feeling that baby would make their arrival unique and come on 9/30. Around 11pm on 9/29 I started having irregular contractions and they stopped around 1am so I headed to bed. Woke up around 2:30am with pretty regular contractions that I started timing. Around 4:30 I woke up Tyler and said that we might need to start timing them. That was when my water broke – totally strange and nothing like you would expect. We headed to the hospital where I was having some small contractions, but not a ton of pain and quite honestly I thought they would send us home. After getting there I was told I was at 6cm and having regular contractions I wasn’t feeling. I tested positive for group b strep so I had to get a 4 hour drip of antibiotics before delivery or stay an extra 24 hours for observation. We were really hoping to avoid an extra day stay as we didn’t really want to stay the first 24 hours either. I progressed quickly and was ready to push at the 4 hour mark. About 30 minutes later we welcomed our daughter. Yes a girl!!!

Saviah Rebecca Hefford-Anderson
September 30, 2013
7lbs 8.9oz
20inches long


We are so in love with this sweet girl. She is very easy going, has fit right into our wild and crazy family just fine. Her brothers adore her.




Celebrating our new sister



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