Hollow Fox Farms (According to Declan)


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We went on a field trip to Fox Hollow Farms (AKA hollow fox ) with Declan’s preschool class. Saviah was just two weeks old so I took Nama along for reinforcement. We were getting ready to go that morning and Finley figured out what we were doing and he wasn’t going and guilted me into taking him. So he skipped school for the day (try not to make this a habit).

We had a great time. Since our last visit they built this super cute Victorian village of playhouses. Nama and Papa Dave need one in their backyard. We had to pry the boys away from here.



We explored the farm and took a train ride.



I didn’t take as many pictures as usual. I was busy with little miss.

The boys eventually made it to their favorite part of the farm – the creek. The spent some time in the water exploring with their beloved Teacher Gloria. They were cold, wet and in heaven.




On the way to the car to change before bouncing in the bounce houses the caretaker had let these parrots(?) out to fly. They were a little crazy, but cool.


The boys and their pumpkins.


The boys had to carve their mini pumpkins when we got home. It was a HUGE mess, but they had a blast.

Another fun fall adventure.


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